What is CodeChain?

CodeChain is a programmable open source blockchain technology optimal for developing and customizing multi-asset management systems. It is an open-source blockchain project that can built by people all over the world. By incorporating a public roadmap, CodeChain will continue to evolve through massive collaborations that follow a certain specification. Creating a blockchain that can manage assets for services can be done more easily than ever before by taking advantage of CodeChain’s features.

What features does CodeChain offer?

Key features include a built-in multi-asset management solution, which enable users to issue, transfer and manage currencies, tokens and/or digital items on a blockchain network, all without the need of smart contracts. CodeChain also offers a pluggable consensus model, which provides flexibility for anyone’s business. Users can now choose which consensus model(PoW, Tendermint, Hot-stuff, PoA) would be best for their needs. Hybrid schemes were also developed which combine aspects of existing consensus models to offer the best of both worlds, such as increasing throughput, decreasing latency to finality, promoting fairness, etc.

CodeChain also offers programmability. More specifically, transactions are programmable. Things such as random item generation, asset evolution, fusion, etc, which were all features that were difficult to implement with existing blockchain technology, can now be done more efficiently and effortlessly.

Finally, CodeChain offers higher transaction speeds with its scalability feature, made available via sharding. Horizontal scaling has potential to bring faster transactions than ever before on a blockchain.

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