For logging, run the following to configure: $ RUST_LOG=<level> codechain

Log Levels

CodeChain currently offers five different <level>. They are error, warn, info, debug, and trace.

For example, the log level will be set to debug, if you run the following:

$ RUST_LOG="debug" codechain

  • The error level represents an event where something can be dangerous, but can still run. In the case in which it cannot run anymore, it must crash ASAP instead of logging.
  • The warn level represents an event which can be potentially dangerous.
  • The info level represents an event which is not dangerous, but can be useful information to the users.
  • The debug level represents an event that is useful for the developers, but not for the users.
  • The trace level is used for tracing.

Log Targets

Log levels can be set differently for each log targets. For example, you can set tx’s log level as trace and parcel’s log level as info with the following code:

$ RUST_LOG="tx=trace,parcel=info" codechain

The possible log targets are as follows: