Welcome to CodeChain

CodeChain is a programmable open source blockchain technology optimal for developing and customizing multi-asset management systems.


Please choose the appropriate forum when you wish to start a discussion or ask a question. The resources below serve as great starting points. We recommend using gitter-rooms for quick feedback from the devs.

Gitter Rooms

Gitter serves as the coworking space where devs share feedback, ask questions, or just hang out. Devs are usually online, so Gitter is probably the best place to get a quick hold of someone with something important.

To go directly to CodeChain's Gitter rooms, click here. We currently have a room for each of the ongoing projects:

How do I report bugs?

If you have questions whether something is a bug or not, please use our gitter-rooms to ask questions first. If you are certain that something is a bug, please report it as an issue at CodeChain's git page. For security issues, please email us at security@codechain.io.