Delegating/Revoking Stake

If you have CCS, you can delegate CCS anytime to any account. The validators are elected in the order of the amount of delegated CCS. For the details, see this link.

Prepare for Delegation

Install Stakeholder CLI

Use the command below to install stakeholder CLI:

yarn global add codechain-stakeholder-cli


npm install -g codechain-stakeholder-cli

If the installation was successful, the result of ccstake --version will be 2.0.0.

How to Delegate CCS

Run the command below:

ccstake delegate \
  --rpc-server "" \
  --keys-path ./keystore.db
  --account <Account holding CCS> \
  --delegatee <Account to delegate> \
  --quantity <CCS quantity> \
  --fee 100

How to Revoke Delegation

You can revoke delegated CCS anytime with the Revoke transaction. An account that is already active as a validator will be a validator until the end of the term, even if the delegation is revoked.

To revoke a delegation, run the command below:

ccstake revoke \
  --rpc-server "" \
  --keys-path ./keystore.db
  --account <Account delegated CCS> \
  --delegatee <Account is delegated CCS> \
  --quantity <CCS quantity> \
  --fee 100

Change Common Params

CCS holders could change CommonParams if more than half of CCS holders agreed. There are two roles in the process. One is Initiator and the other one is signers. The initiator creates candidate params and collects signatures from signers. Signers verify candidate params and send a signature if they agree on it.

Initiator Instruction

Visit CodeChain Change Common Params page and change params to the desired value. You can load the current parameters from CodeChain. Due to the browsers' security policy, you can use an RPC server that supports https, or a local CodeChain node(if you are using Chrome).

Share the generated URL that is presented in the "Share" box with signers.

When signers send their signatures, insert the signatures in the "Collect signature" box.

When enough signatures are collected, click the "CreateTransaction" button to create encoded transaction information.

Run the following script to send the encoded transaction information:

ccstake change-params \
  --rpc-server "" \
  --keys-path ./keystore.db \
  --account <Account to pay fee> \
  --fee 1000 \
  --transaction f8e081ff80f8552082040082010082020082626364822710830f4240830186a0822710830186a080821388821388830186a064830186a0830186a0830186a0830186a064834000008240003c81f002031e04830186a08203e8820100b8417659b87bdb10e3fc95b377df0931196d2993a32d767ffd0593e9dcae42ffadc36f8831b021073583398cdf210cee4ad304b754fa69585b352c549232770302ac01b841ab7f0da6964cb544e6ff4ec8bcb41ae4ce6767bf8dd80ccb1f14f7eb16a1d9d6737bf7ef2122f88e23e53fd96172c88d0833d58b05783b74ae7da4447c680b2400

Signers Instruction

If the initiator gives you a ChangeParams link, check the params carefully. If you think that the values are correct, sign the encoded params in the bottom of the page using all of your accounts that have CCS.

ccstake sign --message f85a81ff80f8552082040082010082020082626364822710830f4240830186a0822710830186a080821388821388830186a064830186a0830186a0830186a0830186a064834000008240003c81f002031e04830186a08203e8820100 \
 --account cccq8ah0efv5ckpx6wy5mwva2aklzwsdw027sqfksrr
 --keys-path ./keystore.db

If successful, a signature will be printed in the console. Pass the signature to the initiator.